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MMC Negombo Drv for lunch to Oreeka Hotel Sun 26th June Assemble opp SSC grounds 8.00 a.m. SMS & confirm participation before 20th June to Dilan Perera 0722249111

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Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a great history more than 2500 years old. And because of topography and climate there are lots of sightseeing. Thus this is small Island, so you can visit different sights within a day...


Sri Lanka is rich in bird diversity. In here there are many places you can visit to bird watching. With the short trip in Negombo lagoon and Muthurajawela marsh lands you can see number of colourfull birds...


Sri Lanka has a great reputation for the spices. And because of multi national country there are number of traditional foods you can taste here. With the same spices, place to place you can taste different flavours...

Stay With Us

Oreeka Hotel located at calming environment and short distance to the Airport. So this is an ideal place to you to stay immediate after arrival or heavy travelling before your depature...


Oreeka Hotel located at eco friendly environment. So with a sourrounding shrubs and calming environment you can see most of birds are peek into our garden...


Oreeka Hotel has well trained and experienced kitchen crew. With our chef you can taste Sri Lankan traditional foods and world wide foods as you wish...

Seasonal Specials - Asala Perahara

The Kandy Asala Perahara(procession) is main cultural festival in Sri Lanka. The festival includs 16 processions. This year festival start 8th of Augest and end 18th. This starts at 'KAP' planting in four dewala. This procession is one of major tourist attraction because of the traditional dancing and lot more.
In the website of sacred tooth relic temple, there are lot more details about the procession.

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Negombo is the closest city to Oreeka Hotel. And it is the 5th largest town and it’s a major city in Sri Lanka. The city is multi national and multi religional. So there are lots of cultural practices including festivals. Because of this there are lots of sightseeing at Negombo. Thus Negombo city was played important role in history. The city was main strategic point in Dutch and Portuguese colonial era. The most important role in Negombo is fisheries play. Because of lots of sightseeing the beaches of Negombo always crowded by tourists. Dutch canal, Negombo lagoon, Fish market, Fishery village, Grand street church, Angurukaramulla temple are few places to visit here.


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