Negombo is the 5th largest town and it’s a major city in sri lanka.The most important role in Negombo is fisheries play and it’s a historical city in Sri Lanka .The beaches of Negombo always crowded by tourists. So there are lots of lovely sightseeing in Negombo to visitors.


Negombo city
Angurukaramulla temple
Grand street church
Muthurajawela wetland
Dutch fort
Dutch canal
Fishermen’s bay
Fish market                       
Fishes drying on the beach

You can have lots of fun with these and Negombo is the one of best place to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka.

Angurukaramulla Temple

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country but Over 90 percent of population of Negombo is Catholic. There is a large temple in Negombo and it has records since 1868. Its called Angurukaramulla temple according to the locals. This is the largest Buddhist temple in Negombo and there are lots of ancient murals and Buddhist paintings in this temple. It attracts many tourists who are visiting the Negombo city as it’s not far from the Oreeka hotelS.



Grand street church

The area around Negombo is very Catholic and the biggest Catholic church in Negombo is the ST MARY'S CHURCH, which is one of the most important structure. It's a nice historic church and the church's construction was started in 1874 and was completed after almost 50 years in 1992. Its an old and impressive church with the lovely painted ceilings. These remarkable ceiling paintings of this church held grand historical value. Most of tourists are not to forget visit this church while visiting around the Negombo.



Muthurajawela wetland

There are so many types of wet lands in Sri Lanka and MUTHURAJA WELA is the closest wetland to Negombo and it’s a very wonderful, peaceful and pleasant location specially if you like birds as this place is alive with bird life. Better to go there early morning or late afternoon. Lagoon is attractive so can have a lovely boat rides among the wetland with helpful guides and boat drivers to see lots of birds, monitor lizards, monkeys, colorful butterflies and fishermen. It’s really fun.


Boat Tours In Dutch Canal

The Dutch canal starts from HANDALA and runs up to PAMUNUGAMA. It was commenced by the Portuguese in the 17th century but completed by the Dutch to transport spices. So now used by local people to get the sea. Today Dutch canal is an attraction for tourists and one of the more interesting ways to see of Sri Lankan life from a different view point and a great way to see the town and the surrounding area. So you can get an excellent boat trip on the Dutch canal and it's really good fun whizzing through the water at some stages. It’s awesome.



The beaches of Negombo are amazing. SPECTACULAR, SCUBA DIVING,TAUCHEN now in Negombo. There are powerful, lovely and more experienced dive centers in Negombo and we can take care of everything. So we can provide all the required equipment from your rig to wet suits. We are really happy to arrange everything for you for the best diving in Negombo.


Fish Market

The human civilizations have been catching fish for thousands of years. Negombo is well know for its fishing and has the second largest fish market in Sri Lanka. It's called 'LELLAMA' according to the locals.
Many visitors tend to forget to visit the fish market during their stay in Negombo. To be aware it can stink but you can walk around the market and witness:
- Fishing from nets
- Selling fish freshly from the sea
- How they shout and try to bargain with you.
The fish market is overall a great experience.


Sport Fishing

A fishing adventure you will never forget.
We invite you to experience the best sport fishing. Negombo is an excellent location participates in and enjoys the exciting sport fishing of inland and deep sea. So join with us! We can be arranged inland fishing at any time for you and we take care of the fishing equipment you need. So you can enjoy our guided fishing trip.


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